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So true.

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I am trying to raise money to help a vulnerable friend. This is the GoFundMe link: https://bit.ly/3aiQGj0

After we first met two years ago, I previously wrote an article about Ian (see that post: https://bit.ly/2XKi2M8).

When I first met Ian he was being detained by ICE at the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Georgia. We have stayed in touch over these past two years. The great news is that Ian has since been allowed to stay in the US and recently had his fingerprints taken and had his work authorizations approved. I tried to call Ian on March 31st, and he did not reply. I tried to call him last week and his phone had been disconnected. I waited a few days figuring that maybe the phone bill just hadn't been paid yet. I tried him again yesterday morning and nothing. Then, I panicked. I got really worried. So I started reaching out and sent emails to his former attorneys with whom I worked at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Ocilla, Georgia. I sent 3-4 emails before I finally received an email that wasn't an auto-reply (i.e. this attorney no longer works here...) when an attorney sent me Ian's immigration attorney's information who is based in Atlanta. Because of her, Ian and I were finally reconnected late yesterday afternoon but only to hear that three weeks ago, he had collapsed. After someone found him, he was brought to a South Carolina hospital. He has tested positive with COVID19 and, additionally, the doctors have told him that although they are trying to save it, they may have to amputate his other leg (he is a single amputee at the moment and has been for years. Ian just turned 66 in mid-March. This is not the best time to ask for money but I have to try to help him. Please forward this to as many people as possible. Any amount of money that can be donated (even a $1!) will help him. He lives in a trailer and was unemployed prior to his hospitalization. Email me with any questions: annarchydotcom @ gmail .com

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