I have been doing a little research on various blogs today. I want to write more and I wanted to see what was out there and see what inspires others to write. What they write about. Strange fucking shit, I tell you. Anyway, one website that I stumbled upon was and it took me a while to choose a "card" to read on the home page (there were alot of choices). I was not even sure that I would actually read any.

At first, while skimming through lists of blogs from which to choose, I have no idea why I would click on Kat's link. After all, the type of woman (a blond woman in a bubblegum pink dress at that) that was shown as author of the blog was not one to normally garnish any of my infinite curiosity! But, I did. I clicked on the link. And I eventually clicked on a card called "Silly, Silly Girl (I cheated and lied)." It was a personal story in which she insists that "you don’t have to maintain a fucking fantasy that’s actually a fucking nightmare."

I agree: we have no more time left to live the wrong life! Thanks, Kat, for a great read and for sharing! Read on...

Kat Loterzo on Twitter

Before and After, 2015