Frida Kahlo

And then it was November. The chill is in the air. I have been watching more TV than I care to admit (in between working on law school applications). If Hillary Clinton does not stop wearing those, what I call, housenfrocken, I do not know what I will do. Although recently, I saw her in a navy-blue pants suit and she looked great. I just had to get that off my chest.

I spent a day in the Bronx last week at The NY Botanical Gardens to see the Frida Kahlo show before it ended yesterday. The day that we chose was the one day that it poured relentlessly and incessantly. However, the show was interesting and I had long forgotten how beautiful those gardens are. I spent alot of time there as a child as well as while I studied at Fordham University (which is ideally and conveniently located directly across the street). It was $20 per person for tickets (that includes the shows and the tram and what not) PLUS $15 to park in their lot. The latter is SO fucked up! Park on the street people; we did (we had two vehicles!).

We ate at Hudson Garden Grill, the new restaurant on the grounds and Delilah, our server, was spectacular. In my opinion, the food was overpriced and so-so; fries came out cold. But I did like the Hudson Burger that I ordered.

Before and After, 2015