The Gift of Fear

May 1, 2016

Happy May. It's cold today as well as overcast. It's been awhile since my last post and although a few topics have swirled around inside my head, I admit that I have been a bit lazy. A few topics that I wanted to cover, however, may be off color. But hey, off color is great in my opinion. Right?


For a very long time, I have been trying to recall the title of a book that I read ages ago. It is a book that illustrates why fear is a good thing and listening to your gut instinct is even better. I first discovered this book on Oprah's show; she had the author on as a guest and I immediately found the book and read it. I've mentioned the book to many people in passing many times over the years and several times over the past few weeks . Finally, today, I searched the internet using all sorts of catchphrases and words. Suddenly, there it was on the screen in front of me and I immediately remembered de Becker's name.


With some of my work background involving criminal law and having been based on Rikers Island at one point in my career (and I use that term lightly...), I have explained to people over and over that many heinous, violent, and criminal acts are committed by persons when presented with an opportunity. These said persons are also usually high on drugs and/or mentally ill. Many times, these acts are random and unpredictable, unplanned and unpremeditated unlike popular perception. In a few words, listen to your gut. And, as my mother once advised me (and it was a very useful piece of advice!), "there is NO SHAME in running." Running for your life, that is...


Anyway, if this interests you at all, it will show you how to pick up on subtle, yet very real, warning signals as well as imminent danger and violence. So I leave you today with The Gift of Fear ....

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