I have been saying for a long time "all lives matter" in reaction to social media expressions such as, to name only one example, "black lives matter." On my Facebook account, I recently wrote "People, ALL lives matter. Loss of lives devastates ALL of our lives." I find it offensive and racially divisive when I see "black lives matter" (add hashtag) just as anyone else might be offended if I wrote "white lives matter." I get it. We are all angry at the lack of gun control, excessive police brutality and use of excessive force. I do not trust police either.

As if ANY one life is more important than another.

I commented on a former intern's remarks (she's a black girl that I met while working at Legal Aid in NYC) on Facebook (aka Fakebook) and she proceeded in her reply back to me to attempt explaining why asserting only "black lives matter" is/was OK. I disagree.

All ignorance is appalling, people. And neither one life nor one race is more important than another.

#ALL lives matter.

Before and After, 2015