Lost Girls and Gilgo Beach

I am more than a little disturbed by the Gilgo Beach Murders. This elusive Long Island serial killer has been living among us, freely, for years. And no one seems all that concerned, particularly the residents of tony Oak Beach. It has been suggested over the years that the killer is law enforcement and, allegedly, an officer lives among that particular community. ID TV recently covered the story (so did A&E) of the many girls' bodies uncovered out on that lonely and secluded stretch of Long Island. The People Investigate episodes refreshed my memory of these lost women as this killing spree started so many years ago. For a NY Post article, click here.

Why has this killer not been flushed out of his hiding space?? During the airing of the show, I learned about Robert Kolker's Lost Girls and I am halfway through it at the moment. Clearly, these girls are of no importance since they all were connected to prostitution and had advertised on Craigslist and Backpage. This killer is predating silently among us. For me, the most disturbing fact is the part where the Suffolk County Police Department refuses to publicly release the 911 call from Shannan Gilbert that lasted 23 minutes. Isn't this why we have FOIL?! I want to hear that tape; the public's tax dollars pay the SCPD salary. And we have a right to hear what Shannan had to say in the early hours of May 1, 2010.

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