Blonde and Crossbones

I followed GDWU for a long time and the anchorwoman in the morning was Juliet Huddy. She was so funny and obviously intelligent and always changing her hair. You never knew what to expect. Her abrupt departure last September 2016 was shocking. To me anyway. Who would leave such a great job? I am certain that I was not the only fan shocked and saddened by this news. Anyway, I don't watch GDWU anymore.

Then I saw some news on Juliet's Twitter page (we follow each other on Twitter) & her new venture is all the rage. Music is her passion and she is following her heart. She is Blonde and Crossbones and if you like metal, then you must follow along too!

One of my favorite moments while Juliet was still an anchor on GDWU was at the end of a news broadcast one morning, she stood up in her dress (they all seem to wear dresses on these news shows) and she was wearing ripped jeans underneath. She later mentioned to me when I tweeted at her about loving the jeans that she thought that they'd already gone off the air! I've loved her and her personality even more ever since. And I still want to work for you Juliet! We are all blonde and crossbones on the inside... Good luck!

Before and After, 2015