Affordable Art Fair NYC 2017 #ArtHappy

The Affordable Art Fair kicked off in NYC this weekend and, with my press pass in hand yesterday, I had a meander through the multitude of art work. I found this AAF to be the best in ages. It's such a great big fun event and had definitely an #arthappy buzz about it! As it does. A lot of art and interesting people even though I must say that was disappointed to see pieces that have been previously shown. I will admit, however, that I am a sucker for Alan Kingsburys wine glasses (and Lindt chocolates) and would look at any of his pieces over and over.

I took a lot of pictures and had a great conversation with photographer, Barry Cawston, who also not only gifted me a copy of his book, "Are We There Yet" but autographed it too. I was only too chuffed! I met him for the first time last year at the AAFNYC2016 in the springtime when I stopped to admire his street-art-style pieces.

I met another artist by the name of Julia Hamilton who had some pieces that were among my favorites of the day,

Thankfully, there were very few Marilyn Monroes this time around; Prince made it onto the wall in some stall though. A pretty good purple rendition, I'd say.

Enjoy the slideshow:

Before and After, 2015