Brett KavaNO

So now we have the most conservative bench in the history of the Supreme Court. After this Kavanaugh nomination on Saturday, I could not watch the news for the rest of the weekend. How could any woman, in good conscience, allow him a YES vote? (Susan Collins (Me.), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), Deb Fischer (Neb.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (Miss.)). For the final count click here. Furthermore, how could any man with daughters, wives, and sisters vote for a man who had so many unanswered questions pinned to him like scarlet letters?

He is the most conservative judge in modern memory. The New York Times "Daily" posted an interesting podcast this morning and spoke to Adam Liptak who covers the United States Supreme Court and writes "Sidebar," a column on legal developments.

Like Clarence Thomas with respect to the allegation of sexual harassment of Anita Hill, it is small comfort that Kavanaugh has been indubitably stained for the remainder of his life and his career. Those question marks will never be extinguished. Small comfort. When I hear Thomas' name, the first thing I always think of is Anita Hill. The same will apply to Kavanaugh: I will think of Dr. Ford.

As a law student (2L), I am simply outraged by this stain on the Supreme Court. I simply cannot imagine how the other current Justices will receive this small, sorry, self-aggrandizing man.

Before and After, 2015