C-19, 2020, the bar exam, and stupid people

Life vs. Law License: what will you choose?

Like what the actual fuck with the pandemic. It was clear in February something strange was going on. At least to me. First the bottled water in the grocery stores seemed to disappear. Then, suddenly, the toilet fucking paper shelves were cleared. Empty. Thankfully, I'd stocked up too. The food chain became irritated when factory workers in the food and meat plants came down with the novel coronavirus. That's when I made sure I had shotgun shells for when the starving "zombies" showed up in my driveway looking for my food. Especially when watching the evening news, I saw the lines at the gun and ammunition shops. That's when I first got really scared. Then we put up a fence around our property which we'd planned for early Spring anyway. Then schools that had let out for the week of Spring break in March just shut down completely: "don't come back."

Three years of being brutalized in law school only to suddenly "graduate" but not. Then came the warmer weather after months of remaining home due to the quarantine and stay-at-home and wash-your-fucking-hands orders. Then masks became an issue. All the stupid maskholes out there that think they're suddenly scientists and know it all so much better than Dr. Fauci. This virus, however, will take care of the stupid people; C-19 will certainly have the last laugh.

Then the grand hurrah: the morphing uncertainty of the bar exam. Law school accomplished; I can pick up my "entrance ticket" that allows me to sit the veritable bar exam. First I thought that I'd sit the exam in NY, and then switched to MA, & then a final switch to RI. I transferred MPRE scores multiple times for fees that the NCBE refused to waive, even in the midst of a pandemic. Some 16 states held an in-person bar exam last week. The egregious, moneygrabbing, and mindblowing idiocy. Now, the Denver Post is reporting that a test taker tested positive for the virus. SHOCKER, fools.

Hey Class of 2020 Law Grads: Life vs. Law License!

What will you choose?!

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